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Controversial Colorbars

because the world needs a backbone

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Hello, and welcome to Controversial Colorbars!

I created this community after a Livejournal friend of mine requested someone to make him a colorbar that most would probably deem inappropriate. It was then that I realized that Livejournal really needed someone dedicated to making high-quality graphics, someone with an unhealthy amount of time on his or her hands, someone to bring controversial colorbars to the masses..someone like me!

Right, so here I am, ready to create custom colorbars for you. A few rules, though.

1.] Use the request form.
2.] Don't mess with the HTML that I give you, pleeeeease. If someone sees your controversial colorbar, they may want a controversial colorbar of their own, and not know where to get it!
3.] Check in the memories first to make sure it wasn't already made.

That's..pretty much it. :D So, go on! Find something controversial, something that will really ruffle some feathers. Then meet me back here. ;)

Request form: [please fill this out when you want a colorbar to be made for you!]
Picture[s]: If you would like the colorbar to have one picture repeated six times, then you only need to find one picture. Otherwise, I will have to request six pictures from you.
Alt text: You know how when you hover over a picture, sometimes it'll say stuff? Yeah. Well, do you want this colorbar to do that? And if so, what do you want it to say?
Link text: What do you want the text underneath the colorbar to say? The standard "*subject*" is love," or do you want something else? Be creative!

Colorbars will be made with the standard colors [red, yellow, etc] unless you want a different color scheme. If so, make sure to tell me!